Photo Submissions – Lake Orion Storm, 2014

Have any outstanding pictures of the Lake Orion Storm of April 2014? We are adding a digital picture gallery to our local history Digital Images Collection, and we invite you to submit photos of how the storm affected Orion Township. To enjoy these and other photos and information about local Orion history from the comfort of your home, see our Local History & Genealogy Resources.

If you would like to submit a large number of image files, please consider making your submissions in person at the Adult Reference Desk. Bring your data storage device with a completed and saved Submitted Photo Data Form (xls) and a librarian will assist you.

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We prefer images in the format originally captured by your camera before they have been imported into any photo imaging software. Please do not submit scanned or edited images.

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  • I grant the Orion Township Public Library full rights to use and distribute the submitted image.
  • I have obtained consent to use the names and likenesses of all individuals identified in the submitted image.

I agree to the above conditions.

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