New Large Print in September

The Library added some wonderful titles to the Large Print collection in September.  Here are two of those great books; you can view the full list by clicking HERE.

Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones by Dunnett book coverLiss MacCrimmon, newlywed and proud owner of Moosetookalok, Maine’s, Scottish Emporium, is thrilled to be organizing the rural town’s Halloween fundraiser.   And the abandoned Chadwick mansion will be the perfect setting for a creepy old haunted house. . .  A wee bit too perfect, perhaps. After all, the last owner was Blackie O’Hare, a notorious Boston hit man, so Lissa knows those stories of buried victims and hidden loot may not be too far-fetched.  And then there’s the recent appearance of mysterious lights. . . and the unexplained moans and creaks. .  and, right where she left that fake skeleton, a very real-looking body with puncture-marks on the neck. . .  Solving this creepy Halloween mystery is turning out to be harder than snapping a clear picture of Nessie.   But Liss had better watch her back this time, because the killer–undead or not–is much closer then she thinks!


The Beast by Kellerman book cover

Throughout his years with the LAPD, Peter Decker has handled a number of tough cases and strange killers. But few of his previous assignments compare to his latest case—the most bizarre of his storied career.

When Hobart Penny is found dead in his apartment, the cops think that his pet cat—an adult female tiger—attacked the reclusive elderly billionaire. But it soon becomes clear that the beast that killed the eccentric inventor is all too human.   Following a trail of clues that leads from a wildlife sanctuary in the San Bernardino Mountains to the wild nightlife of Las Vegas, the LAPD detectives are left juggling too many suspects and too few answers.  As their work and intimate worlds collide, Decker and his wife, Rina, find themselves facing tough questions.  And when all these shocking truths comes out, exactly how well will Decker and Rina cope, and survive?

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