“Why we broke up” by Daniel Handler: REVIEW

Looking for a good summer romance?  I just finished reading “Why we broke up” by Daniel Handler.  If you’re not familiar with this book, maybe you would be familiar with some of his other works:  A Series of Unfortunate Events!

“Why we broke up” by Daniel Handler follows main character Min Green, Minerva for short.  She is writing a letter to her ex-boyfriend Ed Slaterton detailing exactly why, they broke up.  Min is a strange artsy girl even though she hates being called that.  She has a few close friends and she loves old movies and Lottie Carson.  Ed on the other hand is the center of attention.  Always at parties, co-captain of the football team and has had more girlfriends than he can count.  Ed and Min meet at a party (that he wasn’t invited to) and Min is immediately enamored with him.  Throughout Ed’s courtship he tries to woo Min but they are two different people from two very different worlds.  In the letter that Min is writing to Ed not only does it detail why they broke up but she gives short anecdotes of different points in their relationship.  With the letter that Min is going to drop on Ed’s doorstep she has a box; the box contains various things that defined moments of their relationship.  A matchbox, movie tickets, bottle caps etc.

I liked this book; I wanted Min and Ed to work out because he tried so hard but then at other times I hated him because he was a jerk.  Min liked a lot of esoteric things that I didn’t understand all of her old movie references but this was an enjoyable read nonetheless.  The book also has pictures throughout to help visualization and the audiobook has sound effects like bottle caps clicking together.

“Why we broke up” was a Printz honor book (the Printz award is an award for best YA literature book for the year) and it is going to be a movie in 2014.



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