Battle of the Books 2014

Battle of the Books is a reading competition for teams of local fifth graders. Each team consists of 3, 4, or 5 fifth graders and must have an adult coach.  Teams read 14 books chosen by the Youth Services librarians and answer questions in a quiz show format.

Battle of the Books 2014 took place on Saturday, March 15 at 10:00 am in the Scripps gymnasium. Librarians asked 50 questions where the answer was always the title and author of one of the Battle books. Team members worked together to come up with the correct answer. The Battle Awards Ceremony was held on Tuesday, March 18 at 6:30 pm in the Lake Orion High School auditorium.  Our guest speaker was Rick Lieder, photographer/illustrator of the Battle Book Step Gently Out by Helen Frost.

Battle 2014 Photos

First Place: The Native Nerds with a score of 100!

Second place: The Epic Five with 99 points!

  Third place: Book Assassins, Captain Book, and Superhero Reader with 98 points each!

Overall, the scores this year were very strong. Our fifth graders worked hard and their dedication shows!

Team Costume Awards: Duct Tape Divas, Royals, The Walking Bacon

 Team Name Awards:  Girl.Myth.Legend, HotnReady Readers, Onomatopoeic Owls

 Team Spirit Awards: Fantasia 5,  Powerful 3, Undercover Readers

Team Name Score
5 Guys Books & Fries 88
Airheads 80
Bob the Unicorn 74
Book Assassins 98
Book Spartans 89
Book Worms 94
Readers of Gorlan 91
Captain Book 98
Cool Whips 94
Curious Penguins 78
Da Penguin Bellyz 78
Do Not Disturb 70
Double-O Spartans 84
Dragon Readers 82
Duct Tape Divas 73
Fantasia Five 94
Fierce Four 67
Flame Throwers 86
Girl.Myth.Legend 94
Gummy Bears 75
Hershey Co. 88
Hot n Ready Readers 90
Ice Rulers 96
Living Large 91
Media Minions 75
Men in Black 97
Monacelli Minions 90
Mustache Heroes 90
Neon Dum Dums 76
Novel Ninjas 88
Onomatopoeic Owls 64
OPPOSites Attract 86
Purple Gummy Bears 88
Rapunzel’s Readers 81
Reading Grannies 90
Reading Rainbows 76
Royals 94
Silver Dragons 86
Star Bakers 74
Super Hero Readers 98
Peeps in Pink 74
The Bookaneers 94
The Earthlings 96
The Epic Five 99
The Lone Readers 93
The Muchachos 88
The Native Nerds 100
The Neon Mustaches 78
The Powerful 3 73
The Things 82
The Walking Bacon 92
Undercover Readers 76


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