Youth Services Librarians

Debra Refior

Head of Youth Services

Ms. Debra is the head of the Youth Services department. She likes Labrador Retrievers, cooking, and humorous books. Check out some of her favorite children’s books by browsing her GoodReads shelf. She is the liaison to Carpenter and Stadium.

Linda Pannuto

Youth Services Librarian

Ms. Linda likes art, music, hiking, biking and traveling. She is the liaison to Pine Tree and Orion Oaks.

Kristen Remenar

Youth Services Librarian

Ms. Kristen likes writing, mysteries, and yoga. Check out what she's reading by browsing her GoodReads bookshelves!

Ms. Marge

Marge Keenan

Youth Services Librarian

Halli Zalesin

Youth Services Librarian

Ms. Halli likes reading, art, making jewelry, and baking. Her favorite animals are polar bears and unicorns. Check out her Goodreads shelves to see what she’s been reading!

Harmony Crocker

Adult / Youth Services Librarian

H Jennings

Adult / Youth Services Librarian

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