Summer Reading Begins Saturday, June 6!

Though the library building remains closed, library staff are available to answer questions via email or on social media.

Due to a recent and temporary change in state policy, the Orion Library is now allowed to conduct notarizations using two-way real-time audiovisual technology so long as certain conditions are met. For more information, see https://orionlibrary.org/additional-services/.

Please note: As of now, this method of notarization is only allowed through June 30, 2020.

Residents who would like to donate to support our community members in need, can do so through Love, INC of North Oakland County.  All community support requests received by the Township, churches, and other local organizations, are being sent to Love, INC., to be addressed immediately or connected to the best local organization that can fill the need.  All donations will remain local.  Thank you for your generosity during this difficult time.

For additional local resources, see https://www.oriontownship.org/.

Tax forms, instructions, and schedules are available for download from the IRS and Michigan Department of Treasury.

The Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) is the UIA’s system for filing your unemployment insurance claim and managing your UIA account online.

With a valid Orion Library card, you have 24 / 7 access to multiple services offering downloadable / streaming ebooks, audiobooks, comics, magazines, movies, and TV shows.

The Orion Library provides its users with access to subscription online resources that can be accessed with an Orion library card. Additional resources provided by the Michigan eLibrary can be accessed via MeL.org with a Michigan driver’s license.

In need of physical books? Our Little Free Libraries are stocked with books for you to take and read; bring them back when you’re done or add some more books to share with others. Look for our Little Free Libraries at parks and trails throughout the community!

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