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Early Literacy Calendar and Activities

Click below for some daily activities to do at home with your young children. You could even print and hang on your fridge for a fun daily reminder!


Tips for Preschoolers – Healthy Eating

Lots of times, the questions we get from parents at our workshop is “How can get get out picky eater to eat a more nutritious way?” Using some of these tips linked below from the USDA, parents can rest assured with new tips and ways to create a more well rounded diet in their children!

Why Kids Should Eat Healthy

Our friends at the USDA showcase the importance of eating healthy for kids!  

Fun with Manipulatives

A focus area of our parent and child workshop is to allow them to explore though playing while parents can interact with other parents and professionals. This happens in each play area of our room setup. One occurring theme in each play area is manipulatives. Kids can use almost anything as a manipulative, as toys […]

Pretend Play – Activity for Home

Ms. Katie covers why and how you can incorporate pretend play into activities at home, and why it’s important to the development of children’s brains!  See below for some fun!

Gross Motor – Skills and Activities

Gross Motor skills are an essential part of child development. In this video, Ms. Katie covers why and includes a fun gross motor activity to do at home!

Dramatic Play

Join Ms. Suzanne as she highlights the importance of dramatic play in learning as well as some suggestions of how you can incorporate it into you and your child’s daily activities.

Q&A – Child Development with Great Start

Milestones! We have all seen the charts, listened to the experts, and searched the internet for all the answers to the common question, “is my child developing appropriately for their age?” In order to find some answers, The Great Start Collaborative for Oakland County offers some invaluable resources for parents on the topic of development. […]

Q&A – Speech Pathologist for Kids

During our in person Parent and Child Workshops, parents get the opportunity to visit and ask questions with early childhood resource professionals. Without the opportunity to do this in person, we went with the next best idea!  OTPL has put together short Q & A videos with some of our usual visitors! In the video […]

A Great BIG Read for Little Kids

We’ve all heard of events like The Great American Read through PBS or Great Michigan Read through Michigan Humanities Council where adults get together and read one book. Ready to Read Michigan brings that into the hands and minds of young children, every year! The book for 2020 is A Parade of Elephants by Kevin […]