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PLA Early Lit Jan

Early Literacy Calendar and Activities

Click below for some daily activities to do at home with your young children. You could even print and hang on your fridge for a fun daily reminder!

Development Milestones

Child Development Milestones

Milestones matter! How your child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about their development. This checklist of developmental milestones from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) can help you track your child’s development from 2 months-5 years. Each stage includes a list of milestones your child should be achieving at […]


Tips for Preschoolers – Healthy Eating

Lots of times, the questions we get from parents at our workshop is “How can get get out picky eater to eat a more nutritious way?” Using some of these tips linked below from the USDA, parents can rest assured with new tips and ways to create a more well rounded diet in their children!

Ready to Read Michigan

Ready to Read Michigan

Complied through the Library of Michigan, Ready to Read Michigan is a great resource for parents on early literacy and your child. Following five practices you can do at home with your child to get them ready to read, this program offers tips and ideas for at home learning. To get started, follow along with […]