No Contact Home Delivery

How It Works

  • No Contact Home Delivery is a temporary service available to anyone uncomfortable leaving their home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • After you are registered, you will be contacted by staff to explain the program.
  • You can place holds on items (maximum of 10 per card). We will fill your order and contact you with a specific delivery date.
  • We will do our best to have deliveries take place within a week’s time.
  • On delivery day, we will safely place a bag containing the items outside your door.
  • We quarantine all returned materials for 48 hours before making them available again for checkout.

How to Get Started

Complete our easy online registration form. Once your registration is approved you will be contacted by library staff.

How to Place Requests

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use this service?
A patron with a library account in good standing that resides in Orion Township can request to be enrolled in this temporary service. Patrons can use our curbside service or enroll in home delivery, but not both.

What do you mean by “no contact” delivery?
When the staff member arrives at your door, they will set the bagged delivery on the ground in front of the door and knock, ensuring no contact between the patron and staff member.

What types of material can be requested?
You may select books, audio books, DVDs, video games, and music CDs.

How often can deliveries be requested?
Delivered items will be checked out for 3 weeks, and a new delivery can be requested once the items are nearing their 3 week due date, or have been return by the patron.

What about returning materials?
We will schedule a pickup time near the due date or patrons can drop their items off in the  library drop box.

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