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Keatington Cedars II

Keatington Cedars 2 Homeowners Association

The Keatington Cedars 2 Homeowners Association would like to take this opportunity, through this web-site, to officially welcome you and your family to the Keatington Cedars 2 development.  By selecting Keatington as a place to live, you have expressed an awareness of the many benefits the Keatington community has to offer.

*  Friendly Community
*  Upscale Neighborhood
*  Organized Activities

*  Accessibility to a private beach
*  Private and Public Parks
*  All Streets are Local (No Through Traffic)
*  Great Parks and Recreation Department
*  Outstanding Schools
*  Great Library Close to Subdivision

The Keatington Cedars 2 Homeowners Association works to maintain these benefits and to protect your investment. The life of this association is dependent upon the concern and interest shown by each and every homeowner. We need your help; therefore we invite and urge you to take part in your community activities through KC2HA.

Association Board Meetings

Our Association meets monthly, except during the summer and December. Any issue you wish to be considered by the board should be submitted, in writing, with signature to a board member or mailed to our box address at least three days before the next meeting.

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Keatington Cedars 2 Homeowners Association

P.O. Box 210346

Auburn Hills, MI 48321   


Ross and George present a card to our wonderful "Mail Lady"

for her great service this winter, delivering even after a group

of mailboxes was knocked down


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