Beach Rules


Beach Committee

For many residents, it is the focal point of the area and weighed heavily in their decision to purchase a home here. The Homeowners Association is charged with the responsibility of improving and maintaining this part of our subdivision. An assessment is levied on each homeowner of record in March of each year. The funds collected are used for the beach, including such purposes as new beach equipment, landscaping, employee salaries and the general maintenance which is required to make this part of our subdivision attractive. The Beach Corporation is comprised of Keatington Cedars, Meadows, New Town Condominiums, Keatington Woods, Scripps on the Lake, Scripps Lakeview Condominiums, Lochmoor and Keatington Cedars #2. Persons using the beach facility must display a Keatington Beach tag. Guests must be accompanied by a member who has a tag.

Beach and Boat Regulations

The beach is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The gate is locked at 10 p.m. All boats must be registered to a Keatington Beach Association member and must display a Keatington Beach Association sticker on the starboard bow (right front). Boats are not permitted within the area inside the swimming buoys and must reduce to a “No Wake” speed when within 100 feet of the buoys and docks. The beach has been registered with the State of Michigan as an official swimming area. Violators, along with the violator's boat registration number, may be reported to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. Lake traffic must flow in a counter-clockwise direction.

High-speed boating and water-skiing are permitted from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. ALL STATE LAWS REGARDING PROPER BOATING PROCEDURES APPLY TO LAKE VOORHEIS. Please discuss these rules, as well as State boating regulations, with the entire family. No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the beach, dock or any surrounding areas. No vehicles are permitted in the beach areas. This includes cars, trucks, mini-bikes, motorcycles and bicycles. No pets are allowed on the beach and surrounding area. All beach users are responsible for their own cleanup. No personal property including boats, tubes, rafts, canoes, etc may be stored at the beach overnight, either on a temporary or permanent basis. Items so left will be removed at the owner’s expense

Beach Parties

The KBA member is required to register groups of more than eight guests with KBA security two weeks prior to the meeting date. Registered parties will be assigned three picnic tables. A $50 security check payable to “The Keatington Beach Association” is required at the time of registration, with a stamped, self-addressed return envelope. The security check will be returned upon condition that the gathering area is clean, free of debris, and no damage has occurred to KBA property. Otherwise, the security check is forfeited, and repair costs will be assessed to the KBA member. No beach parties can be registered on the following holidays: Memorial Day; July 4th, Labor Day.

These rules are intended to provide for the enjoyment and safety of all who use the beach. Violation of the rules and/or Keatington Beach Association by-laws may result in the suspension of beach privileges. This is your beach! Let’s work together to keep it safe, clean and beautiful.

Suggestions, comments or complaints may be directed to:

Keatington Beach Association

P.O. Box 324

Lake Orion, MI 48361


Keatington Beach Association Rules and Regulations