Digital Image Collection – Orion Veterans Memorial

Plans for the Orion Veterans Memorial began in 1993 when the Orion Area Chamber of Commerce decided to pay tribute to the military personnel from the Orion area who honorably served our country. Many men and women from this community have served our nation’s military forces from the Civil War up to the present. These veterans, as well as those who will serve in the future, deserved a local permanent memorial to honor and commemorate their service.

Raising money for the Memorial
Memorial Construction Begins
Entrance to the Orion Veterans Memorial
Model for the Peacoat Memorial
Joe Zikewich with the Peacoat Memorial
Memorial Bricks
Chrysler Brick
Joan Fischer and Linda Zikewich
Church Street Singers
Memorial Day Celebration
Memorial Day Celebration
The Forgotten Eagles of Michigan
Center Plaques
Close-up of WWII Plaque
Memorial Day Celebration
Laying the Memorial Day Wreath - 2009
Killed in Action from Orion Township
Marine Honor Guard and Oakland County Sheriffs
Memorial Day Celebration - 2009
Marine Honor Guard
Linda and Joe Zikewich and Family
Joe Zikewich being awarded for his service to the USS Lexington Museum
Motorcycle Run - 2009
Motorcycle Run - 2009
Patriot Day - 2009
Lake Orion Police Department and Orion Township Volunteer Firefighters
Veterans from VFW - Pearl Harbor Day 2009
Volunteer Maintenance Awardees - 2010
Orion Veterans Benefactors Wall
North Oakland County Young Marines
338th Army Band
James and Kathy Hubbard at his plaque dedication in the Meditation Area
Randy Stetson at his plaque dedication in the Meditation Area
One panel of the North Wall
Completed North Wall
Tears of Sadness and Joy
Tears of Sadness and Joy
Peacoat Memorial in memory of military personnel buried at sea; North Wall in background
Branches of Service Wall
Military Cross Statue
Canopy with Benefactors Wall in background
Orion Veterans Memorial
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