Orion ThinkLink: An Educational Partnership

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On August 21, 2006, Orion Township Public Library and Lake Orion Community Schools officially formed a partnership, known as ThinkLink.  Similar partnerships have been very successful in other parts of the country, and we are optimistic about the positive impact this partnership will have on students, families, teachers and the community as a whole. For more information on services offered through this partnership, see our 2022-23 ThinkLink Services Offered document (pdf).


ThinkLink, the partnership between Orion Township Public Library and Lake Orion Community Schools, will expand the educational opportunities and enhance the academic achievement of each student.  As partners in education, we will work collaboratively by combining our strengths and resources to invest in each student’s future and accomplish, together, results that we could not otherwise readily achieve.


To ensure every Lake Orion Community Schools student has and uses an Orion Township Public Library card to borrow materials and to access databases.  To develop programs, activities, and events for all Lake Orion Community Schools students and their families, that encourage reading, advocate the completion of school assignments, promote scholarship, and provide the best possible chance of overall academic success.

School Liasons

Kerry Roman

  • Blanche Sims
  • Carpenter
  • Orion Oaks
  • Paint Creek
  • Stadium
  • St. Joseph
  • Webber

James Pugh

  • Early Childhood Development

Sabrina Halsey

  • Middle Schools
  • High School
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