MGT-10: Meeting Room Use Policy

Adopted: 9/18/2014; Last Revised: 2/15/2018 |  Printable PDF

Policy Statement

The Orion Township Public Library (OTPL) provides meeting rooms so that the library can promote its program of service to the community. The library board of trustees recognizes that the library facilities belong to the community and permits use of the facilities by non-profit, non-commercial groups and organizations. For-profit, commercial businesses may use the facilities for a fee.


  1. Library, library related, and library sponsored or co-sponsored programs have priority in the use of the facilities.
  2. Public meeting room reservations are available without charge to non-commercial, not-for-profit groups and organizations.
  3. Public meeting room reservations are available for a fee as noted in the CIR-5: Fines and Fees Policy to any commercial group.
  4. Groups shall not be permitted to reserve a public meeting room more than once per month and cannot reserve a public meeting room for more than one month at a time.
  5. Private, personal, or family functions are not permitted in a public meeting room.
  6. Meetings that disturb regular library functions are not permitted.
  7. All meetings shall be open to the public. Public meeting rooms may only be used by groups whose membership is open to all without restriction based on religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, or marital status, in accordance with the Michigan Public Accommodations Act.[1].
  8. Public meeting room reservations must be made by an adult (age 18 or older). Groups of all ages are welcome to use the rooms, provided there is sufficient adult supervision for minors with an adult in attendance at all times. The supervising adult must accept responsibility for the repair or replacement of any damaged facilities or equipment.
  9. A completed application form must be submitted to the Administrative Assistant (or other administrative staff member) for each date requested. Applications must be received no less than one week in advance, but not more than two months prior to the requested reservation date. Applications received beyond the two-month limit, that are incomplete, or do not include any required fees will not be accepted. With the exception of library programs, meeting rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.
  10. Reservations are not considered confirmed without the approval of an administrative staff member.
  11. Meeting rooms shall only be scheduled for use during regular library hours and must include the total time involved (from setup to vacate). Meeting rooms must be vacated at least 15 minutes before the close of regular library hours. Any exception must be requested in writing and approved in advance by the Library Director. If a meeting runs late, a fee will be assessed as noted in the CIR-5: Fines and Fees Policy, and the group’s meeting room privileges may be suspended.
  12. Any fees paid will not be refunded and meeting room privileges may be suspended for cancellations without 24-hour notice or failure to show up for a reserved room.
  13. Any application may be rejected, or any previously granted permission may be withdrawn, at the discretion of the Library Director. The library may cancel any meeting in accordance with the library policies for temporary closures or emergency procedures.
  14. All room setup and amenities shall be requested at the time the application is submitted. Groups wishing to use library-supplied equipment must make that request at the time of application. Library staff will set up the room as approved. Last minute changes in setup or amenities will not be accepted.
  15. Permission to use library meeting rooms does not imply endorsement by the OTPL. The OTPL will not be held liable for any injury sustained or damage done that is related to the use/misuse of the library facilities or equipment. The Library cannot be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits left in meeting rooms or personal property of those attending meetings.
  16. A group shall not use the library’s name for any purpose other than to indicate the location of the meeting. The name, address, or telephone of the OTPL shall not be used as the address, information contact source, or headquarters for any group using the library for meeting purposes, the only exception being the Friends of the Library.
  17. Literature may be distributed during the meeting inside the meeting room, but not outside of the meeting room. Printed materials shall not be left on Library property without prior approval of the Library Director.
  18. Use of meeting rooms shall not include an admission fee. Nonprofit groups may charge fees for learning materials, course credits or food service not used as a fundraiser.
  19. The library only allows limited merchandising and fundraising activities on library property. The sale of books, CDs, and other items by authors or artists as a part of library programming or Friends of the Library sponsored sales or activities shall be permitted. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Library Director.
  20. Refreshments may be served in the meeting rooms, with the exception of the Computer Lab, only with the advance payment of a nonrefundable cleanup fee as noted in the CIR-5: Fines and Fees Policy. The group is responsible for providing any equipment and utensils needed. The group is responsible for cleaning kitchen counters or tables used in preparation and serving.
  21. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in or on library property without advance approval of the library board of trustees.
  22. Taping, stapling, or tacking of materials to the walls or other furnishings is prohibited.
  23. The library is a smoke free environment, in accordance with Michigan law.
  24. The capacity of meeting rooms is indicated on the application form. The supervising or responsible adult shall comply with capacity limits and/or local fire department occupancy regulations.
  25. All users of library facilities must observe the library’s CUS-2: Patron Conduct Policy and all other library policies. The responsible party must make program attendees aware of the library’s policy and its regulations.
  26. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy may result in a forfeiture of meeting room privileges as determined by the Library Director.
  27. A group whose privileges have been suspended or revoked may appeal the decision, as outlined in the CUS-2: Patron Conduct Policy.
  28. A patron who lives in the library service area who wishes to challenge a library policy or any portion of a library policy should follow procedures as outlined in MGT-15: Appeals Process Policy.

[1] MCL 37.2302 et seq. Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act

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