MGT-9: Library Facility Use Policy

Adopted: 9/18/2014; Last Revised: 2/15/2018  |  Printable PDF

Policy Statement

The Orion Township Public Library (OTPL) provides study tables and rooms for informal groups to meet without disrupting quieter areas of the library.


  1. Library, library related, and library sponsored or co-sponsored programs have priority in the use of the facilities.
  2. Patrons in the library may not use the library phone for relaying incoming messages or utilize library staff to perform duties for their personal business.
  3. Study rooms may be reserved for non-commercial groups or individuals up to one month in advance for one two-hour block per day.
  4. Continuous use of study rooms is limited to periods of two hours. If no one is waiting to use the room at the end of two hours, the period may be extended.
  5. If all study rooms are in use, groups may be offered a meeting room if available.
  6. Users of study rooms may be asked to leave the room if the capacity has been exceeded or if the room is used inappropriately.
  7. The library reserves the right to limit and designate tables that are available for commercial use.
  8. Meetings that disturb regular library functions are not permitted.
  9. Individuals and groups may not leave meeting rooms unoccupied for more than 15 minutes.
  10. Taping, stapling, or tacking of materials to the walls or other furnishings is prohibited.
  11. The facility must be left in the same condition it was prior to the meeting.
  12. All users of library facilities must observe the library’s CUS-2: Patron Conduct Policy and all other library policies.
  13. A patron who lives in the library service area who wishes to challenge a library policy or any portion of a library policy should follow procedures as outlined in MGT-15: Appeals Process Policy.
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