The Bicentennial Quilt

The Story of the Quilt

From the Bicentennial Quilt Commemoration Booklet.

1987 marked the 200th anniversary of the writing of the United States Constitution. It is the oldest written history of national government in the world. Only 14 of the world’s 160 written constitutions predate World War II, and none compare with ours in longevity. To celebrate this historic occasion, we are all given a chance to pay tribute to a way of life that guarantees every man and woman the freedom and opportunity necessary to achieve success.

Celebrating our Constitution is best done at a local level so in 1987, Lake Orion became a Designated Bicentennial Community. To participate, the Orion Township Public Library chose the quilt as its project. During the next four years many citizens have been involved to bring this to a successful close.

The Quilt

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