CultureGrams provides concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on countries across the globe.  It includes four editions: the World Edition (for middle school students and up) and the KidsStates, and Canadian Provinces editions (for upper elementary school students). Each World Edition report is written by a native or long-term resident of the country, in coordination with a CultureGrams editor. The Kids Edition, States Edition, and Provinces Edition reports are written by CultureGrams editors but with extensive input from reviewers.

In addition to country/state/province reports, CultureGrams includes:

  • photo gallery with thousands of images
  • color flag images and outlines
  • printable detail and outline maps
  • glossary of cultural terms and concepts
  • downloadable slideshows
  • sound files for national anthems, country name pronunciation, and state bird sounds
  • downloadable and streaming videos
  • build-your-own sortable data tables and graphs
  • world time feature
  • distance calculator
  • currency converter
  • interviews with native children and adults from countries around the world
  • short biographies of 5 to 10 famous people from each country

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