Online Book Clubs

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Join the Library’s Online Book Clubs and start receiving chapters from popular books in your daily email. Every day, Monday through Friday, we’ll send you a portion of a book that takes only five minutes to read. Each Monday we begin a new book and by Friday you will have the chance to read 2 or 3 chapters, enough to know if it’s a book you want to finish. You can read a wide variety of books including fiction, nonfiction, romance, business, teen and mystery books. Just give us your email address and five minutes a day, and we’ll give you an exciting world of reading.

Book Clubs include:

  • Audio Book Club
  • Business Book Club
  • Classic Book Club
  • Fiction Book Club
  • Good News Book Club
  • Mystery Book Club
  • Nonfiction Book Club
  • Pre-Publication Book Club
  • Romance Book Club
  • Science Fiction Book Club
  • Teen Book Club
  • Thriller Book Club

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