Charter Township of Orion
Oakland County, Michigan

Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda
Regular Meeting, Monday, March 22, 2010 - 7:00 p.m.



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Regular Meeting, 2-8-10
4.Agenda Review & Approval
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AB-10-2, POH Regional Medical Center Sign, 1240 S. Lapeer Rd. Seeking two variances from Sign Ord. 138 in order to construct second 30 sf ground sign: 1) Section 8, B, RB-2, Alternate A, request 11.5' variance from 20' setback from ROW; 2) Section 8, f, 1, d, request 6 sf variance over 24 sf allowed.

AB-10-3, ACO Hardware, 584 N. Lapeer Rd. Seeking Temporary Use Permit for Open Air Business under Zoning Ord. 78, Section 30.11, for one year for purpose of selling plants, topsoil, mulches and salt.

AB-10-4, Milosch's Palace Chrysler Jeep Dodge, 3800 S. Lapeer Rd. Seeking two variances from Sign Ord. 138, Section 8, B, GB-2: five additional wall signs, 161.56 sf over allowed 80 sf.

AB-10-5, Daniel Foster, 621 Valley Rd. Seeking variances from Zoning Ord. 78, Section 27,02, A, 8, to construct 24x32 carport (already built): 1) 724 sf variance over 1,300 sf allowed in total maximum floor area of all accessory buildings, 2) 992 sf variance over the 900 sf allowed in maximum floor area of detached accessory buildings.

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