Unique Collections

There’s more to borrow at OTPL than books, music, and movies. Check out these unique items during your next library visit.

Cake Pans

Rather than buying a cake pan you will only use once, check one out from the library! We have over 20 cake pans in various shapes like a Valentine’s Day heart and characters like Darth Vader and Dora the Explorer. Cake pans check out for 14 days.


Have you ever been curious about streaming sticks like Chromecast or Roku? The library has a set of six Chromecasts you can check out and try at home before you buy one. Each Chromecast comes with a set of directions and checks out for three weeks.


The library has a set of three iPads to check out and take home. You’ll have access to all the default apps provided by Apple. You can also create an Apple account log in to an existing one to install your own apps. iPads check out for three weeks and are limit to 1 per card with no renewals.

Memory Kits

Funded by a Library of Michigan Public Library Services grant, Memory Kits feature relaxing DVDs, photos, and activities in these kits are designed to help your loved one recall and reminisce. By helping them to recall positive experiences and memories from the past, the Memory Kits will not only validate the individual’s self-worth but also help you and your loved one connect. Topics include Animal Bingo, Autumn Memories, Cat Memories, Dog Memories, Farm Memories, Great Outdoors Memories, Handyman Memories, Homemaker Memories, Patriotic Memories, Spring Memories, Summer Memories, and Winter Memories.

Outdoor Yard Games

Cardholders can now check out games like giant Connect 4, Bocce Ball, and a selection of many other games. Yard games can be checked out up to two at a time and are checked out for two weeks.

Tabletop Games and Puzzles

The library boasts a collection of over 50 games and new to our tabletop collection is puzzles! We have puzzles ranging from 200-2000 pieces.  These are great activities for families and all ages.  Puzzles and board games check out for 14 days.

Things you can use inside the library

The library also has an assortment of equipment including a Cricut cutting machine, a Glowforge laser engraver, and Pulse 3-D Printer located in our Makerspace. We also have a die cut machine is located in our Youth Department. With the exception of the Pulse 3-D Printer, patrons must provide their own paper and supplies to use with these machines.


The library has a variety of tools to help with home improvement projects, including a laser level, a measuring tool, a stud finder, general and mechanical tool sets, and more.

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