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What is 1000 Books Before Kindergarten?

The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program encourages parents and caregivers to provide positive, nurturing experiences by reading aloud to their children regularly.

Research shows that the most reliable predictor of school success is being read to at home during early childhood.  The brain develops more rapidly during the first three years of a child’s life than at any other time during the lifespan. Reading to children from an early age can help close the vocabulary gap and prepare children to enter kindergarten with the skills they need to succeed. Most important, sharing books with children promotes a lifelong love of books and reading.

To participate, create an account using the link above and start logging your child’s reading. Reading can be logged from any device with a web browser or by using the Beanstack Tracker app available for Android and iOS. See our FAQ below for more information.

How Can I Read 1000 Books?

It’s easy!

  • 3 books a day for 1 year = 1,095 books
  • 1 book a day for 3 years = 1,095 books

You can:

  • Read the same book over and over (and over and over)
  • Read in any language
  • Log stories read at storytimes or other library events

Frequently Asked Questions

Should the account be registered under my name or my child’s name?
The account creation process will prompt you for both your information and the information of any children who will be participating in any of our reading challenges.

Can I count books I read to my child before I registered?
No. The program begins on the day you register, and you only count books you read after registration.

My child likes to read the same book over and over again. How do I count that?
On Mobile:
– Open your Log
– Select the title from your Completed list
– Select Log Reading
– Select Quick Complete

From a Browser:
– Select Reading Log
– Select All Reading Logged
– Select Completed Titles, then select the title
– Select Edit (pencil icon) and change the read count

Can I count books read to my child by someone else?
Yes. Any book that is read aloud to your child counts, regardless of the reader.

Do the books need to be library books?
No. Any book counts.

My child likes to listen to books on the computer / iPad / eReader/ etc. Can I count them?
Yes. As long as your child listens to the entire book, it counts.

Thank You to Our Supporters

Our participation in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program was made possible thanks to:

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