Storytime teaches the foundations of reading, social skills, and creative skills.  Bring your child to storytime and enjoy age-appropriate stories, songs, finger plays, puppets, and activities!

We’re once again offering in-person storytimes! See our Online Calendar for more information.

Storytimes to Go!

We are pleased to announce Storytimes to Go! These storytimes are designed for you to do at home with your young kids and focus on early literacy. Following the story, pick a few (or all!) of the activities listed below for some fun!

Frequently Asked Storytime Questions:

Should I leave if my child gets noisy during storytime?
Children have different listening skills depending on their personality and stage of development. Sometimes a noisy or active child causes so much disturbance that others cannot hear. So, if your child doesn’t want to listen today, you can leave the room and rejoin us when your child is ready.

May I bring a snack for my child?
It is distracting for other children to see snacks that they cannot eat, so please save snacks for after storytime class.

Should I sing the songs and do the actions with the librarian?
When you sing along and participate, you are showing your child that what we are doing is not only fun, but also important. All of our storytime classes promote the six early literacy skills, many of which you can duplicate at home. So don’t worry about being silly; we’re masters at it!

Is it OK to chat with my friend or to use my cell phone?
Unfortunately, your chatting becomes a distraction for others. Please turn off your cell phone and have personal conversations after storytime class is over.

Your schedule does not fit my schedule. May I bring my 2-year-old to a storytime for 5-year-olds?
The programs are designed to fit the stage of development of the child, including listening , motor, and cognitive skill levels. So an older child might be bored at a storytime class for toddlers, and a toddler might be overwhelmed by the complexity of stories for preschoolers. But we will always welcome all children.

Why all this information about early literacy?
Experts believe that reading, singing, and rhyming are the best activities parents can do with young children to get them ready to learn how to read. Librarians do those every week at storytime class! We take this opportunity to give you tips on what you can do, as well as model for you some of the fun ways to bring books alive.

Can’t wait until Storytime for a good story?


With an Orion Library card, Orion residents can instantly stream or download thousands of audiobook, comic book, ebook, movie, television, and music titles to their computer or compatible mobile device.  

Hoopla is available for Orion residents with a valid library card only.

Kanopy Kids

Kanopy Kids highlights films and TV series that inspire, inform, and help children develop empathy, mindfulness, and self-esteem. Categories include TV Series, Learning Languages, Animated Storybooks, Anime Favorites, Classic Films, and Movies for the Whole Family.  

Kanopy Kids is available for Orion residents with a valid library card only.

OverDrive / Libby for Kids

OverDrive / Libby for Kids, or Kids' eReading Room, shows only kids’ content.  No adult content will appear in the search results.  All titles in the eReading Room are also cataloged by reading level, AT scores, and other reading metrics to help parents and teachers select titles to aid in literacy campaigns.  All titles can be sampled in OverDrive Read prior to borrowing or placing a hold.  

OverDrive / Libby for Kids is available for Orion residents with a valid library card only.
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